I am a musician, producer and artist, best know for being half of Lemon Jelly and less well known for being half of Blacksand. For the past few years I've been working with installation art as much as music. The biggest difference this has made to my life seems to be that I now spend a lot of my time carrying things.

I've been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and a Brit Award, produced albums for John Cale and Badly Drawn Boy, played on studio recordings for Bjork, Primal Scream, Hole, Pulp and Blur, remixed Coldcut and the Pet Shop Boys, played the Teletubbies theme music live every night for a week with one of the Sex Pistols, been a bricklayer for Phil Collins and written the music for three seasons of a BBC TV series.

I've released a track with William Shatner, played a duet on Later… with Jools Holland, laid a lawn for the President of the African National Congress, been in a band with Flea out of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, built a bridge that collapsed under Freddie Mercury, been a computer that interviewed Ken Russell, delivered newspapers for both John Cleese and Peter Cook and raised a bald baby blackbird chick for weeks until it was old enough to fly off.

With Lemon Jelly I've played headline shows from the Brixton Academy to Tokyo along with most of the major UK festivals - Glastonbury, V, Reading and Leeds etc. With Blacksand I've played gigs on a submarine and in an abandoned government test facility.

In September 2010 I performed my Hymn To London Bridge, a 24 hour duet for theremin and commuters, followed in June 2011 by Hymn To The Manhattan Bridge as part of Make Music New York; to do this I had to convince the New York City Department of Transportation to allow a foreigner to wire up one of the biggest bridges in New York with a bunch of unknown electronics, something I am proud of, and grateful for.

In November 2011 I created Hive, where I filled Langham Dome in Norfolk with 50 transistor radio sets, each tuned to a different station and left running for 24 hours.

I spent the first six months of 2012 creating an illegal allotment in the Docklands as a reflection on the London Olympics, the most demanding project I've undertaken. I can now add "have hidden from the Special Boat Service" to my CV, along with "have built 208 solar powered toy rowing boats on the top floor of an abandoned mill."

I am completing an album of music that connects my installation and composing sides - that wasn't what I'd started off to do, but it goes where it goes.

I like wandering around abandoned buildings at night and mixed gas diving the deep wrecks of the English Channel and the submerged caves of South Wales, both of which scare the living daylights out of me.