Legacy was a solo installation that responded to the London 2012 Olympics, triggered by a declined invitation to present an installation at the British Business Embassy during the Olympics. It took place without permission in a guarded and abandoned mill building in London's Docklands between February and July, 2012. The installation comprised three parts.  

Legacy 1.
Over several weeks in early spring 2012 Nick Franglen carried 250 kg of compost into the building and up to the seventh floor, spreading it over a raised area to create a small allotment. The allotment was sowed with seeds of radishes, spring onions, chilli, spinach, onions, endive, salad leaves and chives. Fed by light from the large industrial windows in the room and water dripping through the broken ceiling, the seeds grew.

Legacy 1.
The seeds for this allotment were sourced from a long-term plot holder at Manor Garden Allotments, and were intended to have been sown there. The century old Manor Garden Allotments were flattened in the development of the Olympic Park.

Legacy 2.
A blocked drain on the roof of the building had created a large enclosed pool area, from where much of the City and East London up to the Olympic Park can be seen. 208 solar powered toy rowing boats, one for each country competing at the London 2012 Olympics, were launched on the pool to row with each each other around the pool when the sun shines.

Legacy 3.
A battery powered TV set was set up in an internal room, playing a DVD of the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics. Of the 22 buildings built for the 2004 games, 21 are now abandoned, fenced and guarded, just like the building inside which Legacy was set.