Minute of Listening - a Sound and Music initiative.

Nick Franglen - contributing composer.

Minute of Listening is an exciting new creative learning initiative that promotes curious, engaged and reflective listening in the classroom. Piloting in 70 primary schools around the UK from January to March 2012, Minute of Listening creates a daily opportunity for pupils and teachers to access and explore a huge range of music and sound as a stimulus for class discussion and imaginative enquiry.

Minute of Listening is literally that: 60 seconds of new sound or music delivered to a school classroom each day for the class to listen to and discuss. Our aims for Minute of Listening are to create a project that:
1. Develops pupils' listening skills
2. Develops pupils' communication skills
3. Encourages pupils to develop a greater interest in a broad range of music and sound
4. Encourages teachers to explore the effect of concentrated listening on the way pupils learn.